2 – Charlie’s Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment — 2.64 lbs

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Charlie’s Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment Description
  • Live Green. Deep Clean.
  • The Safer Way to Soften Hard Water
  • Fights Stains • Softens Clothes • Keeps Whites White
  • Hypoallergenic

Hard water is a problem for laundry. You know it when you have it: stiff, stained and even smelly clothes. Normal laundry boosters can leave a dingy, stiff and irritating residue on your clothes.


Certain phosphates can safely eliminate these problems and be environmentally friendly, providing nutrients to aid biodegradation. They become a problem only with overuse.


Charlie’s Soap Booster and Hard Water Treatment uses a simple phosphate that:

  • Softens your wash water.
  • Allows Charlie’s Soap for Laundry to work better in the wash.
  • Rinses completely leaving no residue on your clothes.
  • (at one tbsp. per wash) aids natural biodegradation in the environment.
  • Keeps your clothes and the environment clean.


For Laundry:

Use at least 1/2 tbsp. of Charlie’s Soap Booster as needed per wash.

Use 1 full tbsp. for tough stains or excessively hard water.

Wash according to care instructions.

Test garments that may bleed or fade.

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