The 2-N-1 Magic Brush Fluppi


1 Fluppi for $7.25
2 Fluppi’s for $12.25
5 Fluppi’s for $25.25

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2-N-1 Magic Brush Fluppi

The Smallest Vacuum Cleaner in the World, Just got better!

Lint brush on Top and the sweeper on the bottom.

The new exclusive lint brush in the 2-in-1 Magic Brush Fluppi allows for easy pick of of pet fur, hair, and lint.

Indispensable for cleaning

Use for Car / Office / House / Anywhere

The Magic Brush Fluppi is easy to handle.

Move it back and forward rather fast on the carpet, towel etc. to be cleaned.

The dust, soil, gravel, etc. are all picked up quickly.

Clean pet hair easily.

Brush away crumbs, hair, sand, fuzz, etc.

pool table – sofa – carpet – table – car

Turning the brush upside-down and opening it (removing the cover) you can get rid of all the dirt.


*  Easy to hold

*  Hard to break

*  No cords or plugs

*  Easy to clean out

*  Small to store easily



1 Fluppi for $7.25

2 Fluppi’s for $12.25

5 Fluppi’s for $25.25

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