The Streak Free Cloth market is booming and this is your chance to be part of it with our StreakFree Cloth Wholesale buyer program that allows you to purchase products in bulk for resale with incredible markup. For wholesale prices, don’t delay, email us for information. Check out Renee’ Bedore’s story below.

Distributors who order 3000 StreakFree cloths or more receive training videos.

Videos include:

– Sample video showing marketing props, banner, and delivery of the sales pitch at an event.

– Downloadable Sales pitch (PDF).

– Folding Video for the cloths.

– Retail loop video that can be purchased.

– Demo video of our Magic Brush sweepers. (Fluppi)


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Renee’ Bedore’s Story

She is a strong independent women who became an authorized dealer with StreakFree Inc.

My name is Renee’ Bedore, and I’m the success story that StreakFree wants you to know about. I’ve found the Streak Free Cloth and it is going to be the vehicle that will help me to help people who are less fortunate that are trying to live for Jesus Christ and just need a little financial lift.

Just remember one thing-”If it is to be, it’s up to me.” and my favorite one, penned by “yours truly”, “Anything is reachable to those who can stretch” If I can make this happen YOU CAN TOO!

I met StreakFree Inc. at a show in December of 04. I watched him for three days doing what he does best, selling the Streak Free Cloth. I told my husband, “I can do that”. So….. We did it. We bought the cloth. A whole pallet on a credit card, because we just didn’t have that kind of money lying around. I was so excited.

Then it happened. A few weeks later my cloth came in and I realized, “Oh my goodness, I’ve got to buy bags and get inserts done. I need a banner. How do I get shows started? I’ve got to have a microphone”. (btw Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City,– NOBODY carried the mic that I wanted and needed.)

In July, I had sold about $45,000 of cloth in Six months! No, I didn’t clear that much. I’ve learned the hard way. I didn’t have anyone to tell me not to book certain shows. In the summer, I nearly lost my butt! After six shows were booked and paid for, StreakFree told me not to do that kind of show, but it was too late. No one told me how to design a banner, or that I needed to pass out samples. Now, 6 months-One year later, and because of the samples, my 800 number and website are averaging about $600 a week!